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Titre: Tax Evasion, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Date: mardi 14 septembre 2021 ŕ 04:17 ET
Good Shepherd
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I would like to inform some of the bad tax evasion activities of one company located in Niamey, Niger.

Company name is :
Astro Trade Srl,
Location: next to BOA bank, Terre Mousulman, Niamey, Niger.
They import Samsung and Solstar and sell in the showroom and supply in the markets.

1) at the time of Import, they do not declare the correct quantity of goods and correct value.
2) always offload their goods at mid-night in their warehouse, so that no government officer can catch them.
3) after selling the goods, they do not pay correct TVA, they pay only for few Invoices and hide the maximum number of invoices.
4) they do not pay tax on the salary of expatriates working there.
5) they use terrorist channel to transfer their fund to their supplier (money laundering)
6) now when the time comes to pay the corporate tax, they want to closed down Astro Trade Srl and already register new company in the name of Vertex Trade Srl, so that they can tell they do not know who is Astro Trade.

Please, check their quantity of import, match the sale and check how much TVA, Tax on salary, Corporate Tax are evaded from this culprit company, who finance terrorist.

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